Adult Mental Health Quiz: Do you have a disorder?

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Yes, the struggle IS real. Statistically speaking, you will face an emotional, relationship, school or career issue at some point in your life. The question is: when do you need to seek professional help? If you’re at that all-too-common therapy fork in the road, the following short quiz can help you choose the best path forward. Answer the following questions as honestly as possible.


  • Have you experienced persistent sadness over the past month?
  • Do you have difficulty concentrating for days or weeks at a time?
  • Do feel hopeless about your current situation?
  • Have you experienced extreme anxiety in common, everyday situations?
  • Do you frequently ruminate or worry about negative situations arising?
  • Are you having trouble moving on from a loss?


If you answered yes to any of the above, please answer whether these events below have occurred in the past month as a result:

  • Have you occasionally or regularly missed work/school?
  • Have you been reprimanded at work/school?
  • Have you experienced problems in your relationships?
  • Are you worried your relationships and/or job/school are in jeopardy?


If you answered yes to any of the last four questions, it looks like your emotional symptoms and/or life situations are negatively impacting your relationships, work or school. By dictionary definition, you likely have a mental health disorder and it’s time to seek professional help. Even though seeking help can be hard or feel shameful, the potential consequences (lost jobs, bad grades, separation, divorce, etc.) can be even more catastrophic. If you’re ready to seek help, please visit dabneycoaching.com or call (757) 340-8800.


If you answered no to ALL of the last four questions, then it’s likely a problem to watch and wait.


At the end of the day, everyone deserves to live the life they want to live. Disorder or not, if your struggles are negatively impacting your relationships, work or school, then it’s time to seek the help you need and deserve.


To your emotional health,

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