Three Reasons Youre Secretly Avoiding Adulthood and Three Solutions

Avoiding adulthood? Three Solutions

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How to maintain a relationship with your parents while asserting your “adult-ness.” There’s no roadmap for entering adulthood gracefully. During our twenties, many of us make the transition with barely a second thought, while others struggle for years to feel confident in their new adult life. The challenges that arise come in all shapes, but the heart of the issues …

The 3 Secret Reasons You Havent Achieved Your Professional Goals

Reasons You Haven’t Achieved Your Goals

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Is there anything more frustrating or confusing than working toward professional goals and seeing no results? I empathize, and want to offer this reassurance: you CAN achieve success … if you identify your blocks. Here’s how.   Feeling professionally unfulfilled and unsuccessful can weigh heavily on your self esteem, affect your daily outlook and even lead to depression. If you …

How to Avoid Workplace Harassment A Psychologists Toolbox

How to Avoid Workplace Harassment

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From #MeToo to #TimesUp, we’re uncovering the unfortunate truth of workplace harassment: it’s everywhere. While no victim is responsible for their perpetrator’s behavior, there are things every woman and man can do to avoid being a victim of harassment.   Unwanted words, unwelcome touches, advancement opportunities with strings attached, and bosses with “benefits” are just a few ways workplace harassment …

5 Easys Ways to Overcome Conflict with your Boomer Colleagues

5 Easys Ways to Overcome Conflict with Colleagues

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While the battle of the sexes wages on in the workplace, there’s another skirmish brewing under the radar and wreaking havoc on workplace relationships: the battle of the generations.   Millennials often struggle to effectively communicate, connect and collaborate with Boomers and Generation Xers. And why not? There are significant differences between the groups.   But what happens when different …

Boost Success Calm Career Anxiety and Stop Beating Yourself Up Heres how

Here’s how to Calm Career Anxiety

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Most Millennials struggle to feel successful, even with six-figure paychecks. What gives? Here’s a quick look at how and why perception of success has changed and four easy things you can do to overcome!   Regardless of their laundry list of accomplishments, many Millennials are struggling to feel successful. We can point to many potential culprits: social media and comparison …

To Meet the One Do this One Thing

To Meet the One, Do this One Thing.

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You’re lonely and ready to meet someone special, but “everyone has red flags!” If this feels like your inevitable reality, do this ONE thing.   I’m seeing a pattern. My single-and-looking patients all have a similar story: they’re ready to meet someone special and they’ve mapped out their dream-partner criteria, but the “one” is nowhere to be found.   When …


Five Red Flags of Dating in the Digital Age

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Does digital technology leave you feeling disconnected? We have all this technology to make communication super convenient, and yet, real connection is often elusive. If you’re dating in the digital age, avoid the disconnection trap by staying alert to these five red flags.   Texting, emailing, social media, instant messenger … these tools have made our lives easier in numerous …

How to Succeed in Online Dating

How to Succeed in Online Dating

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Feeling lonely this Valentine’s Day? If you’re staying home to Netflix and chill by yourself — again — it’s time to put down the remote and get dating online. After 15 years of relationship coaching, I’ve learned what works and it’s all here in this guide.   “He’ll appear when you least expect it.” “Don’t appear desperate!” “Play hard to …

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Is the Digital Age the Downfall of Intimacy?

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“As long as you have a Cell Phone you’re never alone.” ― Stanley Victor Paskavich Every time I turn around, someone is complaining that Millennials can’t connect. “Their noses are stuck in their phones. They can’t hold regular conversations. They don’t develop deep and meaningful relationships.” Digital technology is getting the blame, but I think something else is the real …