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How to Build Emotional and Sexual Intimacy

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Intimacy is a hot topic right now. New intimacy terms are being coined every day (Intimacy Anorexia?), the most googled phrase is ‘husband or wife avoids intimacy,” the most common problem in my office is some type of intimacy disorder and sexual intimacy is a main theme in most of our favorite shows and movies.  Clearly, we have intimacy on …

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Are you raising a child psychopath?

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It’s painful to see anyone, let alone our child or teenager, show characteristics of a manipulative person, a lack of empathy, uncontrollable or disrespectful behavior. With all the talk in the press about sociopaths and psychopaths who demonstrate these signs, it’s natural to wonder, “Am I raising a child sociopath?”  To understand the difference between a normal adolescent and a …

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When Teenage or Grown Children Disrespect You

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Three Pointers for How to Manage the Disrespect: First – Respect your Child and Listen – Children on the verge of adulthood can be a challenge for most parents. Where there was once a sweet compliant child is now a raging or recalcitrant young person. Advice on how to cope with this ranges from severe punitive measures to blatant ignoring …

Three Reasons Youre Secretly Avoiding Adulthood and Three Solutions

Avoiding adulthood? Three Solutions

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How to maintain a relationship with your parents while asserting your “adult-ness.” There’s no roadmap for entering adulthood gracefully. During our twenties, many of us make the transition with barely a second thought, while others struggle for years to feel confident in their new adult life. The challenges that arise come in all shapes, but the heart of the issues …

The 3 Secret Reasons You Havent Achieved Your Professional Goals

Reasons You Haven’t Achieved Your Goals

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Is there anything more frustrating or confusing than working toward professional goals and seeing no results? I empathize, and want to offer this reassurance: you CAN achieve success … if you identify your blocks. Here’s how.   Feeling professionally unfulfilled and unsuccessful can weigh heavily on your self esteem, affect your daily outlook and even lead to depression. If you …