Five Red Flags of Dating in the Digital Age

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Does digital technology leave you feeling disconnected? We have all this technology to make communication super convenient, and yet, real connection is often elusive. If you’re dating in the digital age, avoid the disconnection trap by staying alert to these five red flags.   Texting, emailing, social media, instant messenger … these tools have made our lives easier in numerous …

How to Succeed in Online Dating

How to Succeed in Online Dating

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Feeling lonely this Valentine’s Day? If you’re staying home to Netflix and chill by yourself — again — it’s time to put down the remote and get dating online. After 15 years of relationship coaching, I’ve learned what works and it’s all here in this guide.   “He’ll appear when you least expect it.” “Don’t appear desperate!” “Play hard to …

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Is the Digital Age the Downfall of Intimacy?

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“As long as you have a Cell Phone you’re never alone.” ― Stanley Victor Paskavich Every time I turn around, someone is complaining that Millennials can’t connect. “Their noses are stuck in their phones. They can’t hold regular conversations. They don’t develop deep and meaningful relationships.” Digital technology is getting the blame, but I think something else is the real …

Tim Faced His Fear of Negativity to Land his Dream Relationship

Tim Faced His Fear of Negativity

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After years of failed relationships, Tim finally discovered the real reason he couldn’t find “the one,” and it came as quite a shock.   Throughout Tim’s first few sessions, he was all about his relationships. At 37, he had endured a dozen failed relationships and was coming off the heels of one more. He was eager to change this pattern …

The Intimacy M.D.s Recipe for a Better 2018

The Intimacy M.D.’s Recipe for a Better 2018

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Let’s not kid ourselves. 2017 was rough. Fear not! There is hope for 2018 if we focus on things we can control — like ourselves. Here’s my recipe for a successful new year, all 12 months long.   From mass shootings, to turned-violent protests, to divisiveness and the reality behind the #metoo movement, 2017 was the year that could not …

The 5 Secret Reasons your Resolutions Fail

The 5 Secret Reasons your Resolutions Fail

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Your intentions are rock solid, but that doesn’t mean your resolutions will be. Here are five secret reasons your resolutions fail and ways to overcome.   How many times have you made a resolution just to abandon it weeks, days, even hours later? If none, it’s only because you’ve never made a resolution. Life changes are hard to achieve and …

15 Resolutions to Save Your Relationship

15 Resolutions to Save Your Relationship

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Married, dating or single? Regardless, we can all make little changes to improve our relationships and lives. Here are 15 resolutions that can make all the difference.   Hint: Pick one or two! Don’t try to do everything and don’t be too rigid with yourself. After all, we want your life to get better, right?   I resolve to BOOST …


Holiday Traditions

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Holiday traditions are as close to culture as we get in the States. Most families create their own little mini-culture of menus, activities, rituals and celebrations during the November and December months, and my family has been no exception. For most, we hold our traditions sacred and cannot dream of changing our tried-and-true ways.   Eventually, however, families do change …