15 Resolutions to Save Your Relationship

15 Resolutions to Save Your Relationship

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Married, dating or single? Regardless, we can all make little changes to improve our relationships and lives. Here are 15 resolutions that can make all the difference.   Hint: Pick one or two! Don’t try to do everything and don’t be too rigid with yourself. After all, we want your life to get better, right?   I resolve to BOOST …


Holiday Traditions

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Holiday traditions are as close to culture as we get in the States. Most families create their own little mini-culture of menus, activities, rituals and celebrations during the November and December months, and my family has been no exception. For most, we hold our traditions sacred and cannot dream of changing our tried-and-true ways.   Eventually, however, families do change …


5 Ways to Free Yourself from The Guilt of Success

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Are you the only one in your family with success? Here are five ways to move past the guilt and feel connected to loved ones, regardless of their life situation. Succeeding in life when your family is struggling comes with a treasure trove of difficult emotions and awkward family dynamics. Guilt, shame, and loneliness are the most common and you …

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Emotional Eating: The ,Why, When and How to Stop

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Don’t let food be your nemesis during the holidays. We know it’s hard — the holidays are generally stressful and with delicious comfort foods so readily available, it’s like the pumpkin pie is almost begging to calm your nerves. But when does indulging cross the line into emotional eating?   Emotional eating is eating to soothe your difficult emotions without …

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How to Cope with Holiday Emotions

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Excuse the language, but leave it to the Griswolds to nail the hard truth about the holidays:   “And when Santa squeezes his fat ass down the chimney tonight, he’s going to find the jolliest bunch of assholes this side of the nut house.” – Clark Griswold, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation   I know, I know … you’re supposed to …