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The Top Mindfulness Myths: Debunked

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To benefit from this effective-if-used-properly tool, we need to first understand what mindfulness isn’t. I hear misconception after misconception from my patients that it’s become clear: most people misunderstand mindfulness.   Mindfulness is largely misunderstood because the media, lifestyle magazines, spiritual gurus and mental health experts rarely explain what it is and how to do it. They throw out the …

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Mindfulness 101: Making Sense of the New Lifestyle “It” Word

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Mindfulness is the latest lifestyle “it” word. Everyone is talking about it but few people really know what it is. I hear misconceptions from clients and patients all the time. Unfortunately, if you don’t know what mindfulness is or how to use it, you won’t be able to unlock the many proven benefits. Here’s a helpful take on mindfulness and …

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How Millennials are Going to Save the World

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Isn’t it funny how each generation blames the next for the deterioration of society? It has always been this way — it’s so predictable, in fact, that I’m surprised we haven’t overcome it. In today’s age, Millennials are taking the brunt of the grief. But why? Instead of beating them up, we probably owe Millennials gratitude since they’ll be left …

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How to Love Like a Millennial

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The Millennial Generation is more open minded and accepting than any known to date. In fact, you might say they are the most loving generation. The way they relate to and communicate with other people is inspiring. Here are just five unique ways they do it.   They Don’t Let Differences Make or Break Friendships Millennials seem to be less …

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5 Millennial Bad Habits You Should Adopt ASAP

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Millennials are do-nothing, entitled complainers who need instant gratification and endless praise. Or are they? Let’s flip the script: Millennials are selective, efficiency-loving truth tellers who strive for successful careers and relationships. Now, what’s wrong with that? Nothing. It may be time to stop complaining (hello, Kettle?) and start wondering what “bad habits” to adopt from the up-and-coming generation.   …


Unleash Your Laziness To Get More Done

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Is “lazy” a four-letter word in your house? So many of us, especially in the United States, hate the idea of laziness or being unproductive. We fill every second of our (and our childrens’) days with to-dos, work, and judging — no, resenting — others for taking a more relaxed approach. Those relaxed people? Yeah, they know a secret you …

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For Best Results, Start Procrastinating Today

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It’s rare for someone in our busy-is-best culture to encourage procrastination, but there are times when the wait-and-see approach trumps all. The time has come to stop beating yourself up for procrastinating and start embracing these hidden benefits of non-action: Procrastination prevents you from making the wrong decision. If you don’t know what decision to make, it’s not time to …

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The Taboo of Vacation and Why You Should Take One

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It’s time for a vacay! Did I just make you break out in hives? You’re not alone. Taking leisure time off drives many people to any number of uncomfortable feelings — guilt, shame, fear, anxiety, disgust — most of which result in vacation procrastination. These feelings are not inevitable, mind you. They’re a condition of our “culture of capitalism.” That’s …