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Reasons You Procrastinate and The Secret Solution

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Procrastination is tough enough to overcome when you understand the why behind it. (Hello, painful root canal.) Imagine trying to overcome procrastination when it makes no logical sense. You want to commit to your girlfriend. You want to take that promotion. You want to pitch that game-changing idea. So, why haven’t you done it yet? (HINT: it’s not just a …

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Getting Therapy Down to a Fine Art

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Beautiful art is a lot like good therapy. Making art and being creative requires you to break and follow rules simultaneously, in balance. If you don’t let go enough, your work remains “inside the box.” If you let go too much, you create chaos. Picasso put it best when he said, “Learn the rules like a pro so you can …

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Face Your Daddy Issues: Part II

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You’ve identified your daddy issues, so now what? The road to mending your daddy issues — “re-wiring” yourself to act and react differently and/or improving your relationship — can be long and winding. If you have the ability and desire to improve the relationship with your dad, here are three situations that allow you to start the healing process: Do …


Face Your Daddy Issues: Part I

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Whether you’re dealing with your own daddy issues or trying to raise a kid without them, you’re on a valiant mission. Kids with healthy father-child relationships often develop into high-functioning adults with successful intimate relationships AND careers. Those with unhealthy father-child relationships? Well, they tend to struggle. But how do you know if you’re dealing with daddy issues and/or creating …

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How to Help Emotionally Unhealthy People

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You’d be surprised how many calls we get from people wanting to make appointments for struggling friends or loved ones. It’s frequent. We totally empathize, but unfortunately, treating someone on behalf of another person is an official no-go. You’ve heard the phrase, “You can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped.” It’s the hard truth. The good news? There …

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Five Therapists to Avoid and Red Flags to Identify

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Are you lost on the road to therapy? Finding help needs to be super easy when you’re struggling and it’s usually anything but. Great emotional health providers or EHPs (a.k.a. therapists, life coaches, psychiatrists, etc.) are hard to come by. Even the best credentialed ones may not be the perfect fit for your personality or condition. Here’s a shortcut! Save …


Adult Mental Health Quiz: Do you have a disorder?

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Yes, the struggle IS real. Statistically speaking, you will face an emotional, relationship, school or career issue at some point in your life. The question is: when do you need to seek professional help? If you’re at that all-too-common therapy fork in the road, the following short quiz can help you choose the best path forward. Answer the following questions …