Food Issues: What to do When You Overeat

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Getting a Handle on Your Eating Habits A topic that comes up all of the time in my office during this time of the year is overeating. People wonder what to do when you overeat, and why does it happen. What is driving the overeating or the feeling of powerlessness over food? Of course, you’re not powerless over food. You’re …


Holiday Traditions

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Holiday traditions are as close to culture as we get in the States. Most families create their own little mini-culture of menus, activities, rituals and celebrations during the November and December months, and my family has been no exception. For most, we hold our traditions sacred and cannot dream of changing our tried-and-true ways.   Eventually, however, families do change …


You Need To Do This If Giving Makes You Resentful

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The season of giving is here, and you might be at risk of overdoing it. Learn three ways to save your sanity, reduce your resentment and feel good about giving again. It’s the holidays. You’re hosting the whole family. You’ve cleaned the whole house, done the shopping, cooked the meal and washed the dishes. You think you should feel satisfied, …

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Emotional Eating: The ,Why, When and How to Stop

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Don’t let food be your nemesis during the holidays. We know it’s hard — the holidays are generally stressful and with delicious comfort foods so readily available, it’s like the pumpkin pie is almost begging to calm your nerves. But when does indulging cross the line into emotional eating?   Emotional eating is eating to soothe your difficult emotions without …