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Are you raising a child psychopath?

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It’s painful to see anyone, let alone our child or teenager, show characteristics of a manipulative person, a lack of empathy, uncontrollable or disrespectful behavior. With all the talk in the press about sociopaths and psychopaths who demonstrate these signs, it’s natural to wonder, “Am I raising a child sociopath?”  To understand the difference between a normal adolescent and a …

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When Teenage or Grown Children Disrespect You

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Three Pointers for How to Manage the Disrespect: First – Respect your Child and Listen – Children on the verge of adulthood can be a challenge for most parents. Where there was once a sweet compliant child is now a raging or recalcitrant young person. Advice on how to cope with this ranges from severe punitive measures to blatant ignoring …

Three Reasons Youre Secretly Avoiding Adulthood and Three Solutions

Avoiding adulthood? Three Solutions

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How to maintain a relationship with your parents while asserting your “adult-ness.” There’s no roadmap for entering adulthood gracefully. During our twenties, many of us make the transition with barely a second thought, while others struggle for years to feel confident in their new adult life. The challenges that arise come in all shapes, but the heart of the issues …