Overdoing it: Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms

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Let’s talk about overdoing it, Specifically, overeating, but this could be about overdoing it with anything or any unhealthy coping mechanisms. Any bad habit, or something you feel like you don’t have control over- smoking, drinking, shopping. Whatever it may be, this applies to it. I am using food as a primary example because that is what I hear about …

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5 Millennial Bad Habits You Should Adopt ASAP

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Millennials are do-nothing, entitled complainers who need instant gratification and endless praise. Or are they? Let’s flip the script: Millennials are selective, efficiency-loving truth tellers who strive for successful careers and relationships. Now, what’s wrong with that? Nothing. It may be time to stop complaining (hello, Kettle?) and start wondering what “bad habits” to adopt from the up-and-coming generation.   …

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Getting Therapy Down to a Fine Art

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Beautiful art is a lot like good therapy. Making art and being creative requires you to break and follow rules simultaneously, in balance. If you don’t let go enough, your work remains “inside the box.” If you let go too much, you create chaos. Picasso put it best when he said, “Learn the rules like a pro so you can …

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Five Therapists to Avoid and Red Flags to Identify

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Are you lost on the road to therapy? Finding help needs to be super easy when you’re struggling and it’s usually anything but. Great emotional health providers or EHPs (a.k.a. therapists, life coaches, psychiatrists, etc.) are hard to come by. Even the best credentialed ones may not be the perfect fit for your personality or condition. Here’s a shortcut! Save …