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How Millennials are Going to Save the World

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Isn’t it funny how each generation blames the next for the deterioration of society? It has always been this way — it’s so predictable, in fact, that I’m surprised we haven’t overcome it. In today’s age, Millennials are taking the brunt of the grief. But why? Instead of beating them up, we probably owe Millennials gratitude since they’ll be left cleaning up the mess we’ve made. The good news? The Millennial generation is happy to save the world, and this is how they’ll do it:


They’re going to collaborate.

The internet and social media have made the world smaller — six degrees of separation is more like three now. Millennials have a broader global reach and impact, and they’re not afraid to leverage grassroots tactics and each other’s strengths/resources to get stuff done. Just think crowdsourcing and crowdfunding; these are two easy ways Millennials are collaborating to affect change. Anyone can do these things to make a big impact.


They’re going to use technology.

Since they’ve grown up with tech, Millennials are empowered to solve their own problems using technology. They’re comfortable with computers, the internet, smartphones, etc. Need to fix their sink? They YouTube it. Need to bake a cake? They Google it. They don’t wait; they find the info, fix their issue and move on to the next.


They’re going to take the road less traveled — and it’ll make all the difference.

Millennials are turning into THE entrepreneurial generation. They’re less satisfied working for “the man,” and instead, want to create something meaningful themselves. It’s a start-up world and Millennials are a big reason why. They’re creating more than any other generation, reaping greater rewards and sharing those rewards with more people. Just take Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, for example. Of course he has benefitted from his creation, but imagine how many others he’s employed (not to mention benefits to users!).


They’re going to consider the bigger picture.

Maybe it’s because they’re connected to the larger world, but Millennials tend to think more globally. This will become more and more necessary the smaller the world becomes. They care about protecting the environment, eradicating poverty, prizing diversity and they’re going to instill their values in their children. Social and ecological responsibility are only going to grow, and thank goodness.


You may not like everything about Millennials — heck, I don’t — but there’s no denying their value in creating a better future for all. Older generations are entitled to complain about younger generations, but maybe it’s time to take a new approach.


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