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How to Love Like a Millennial

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The Millennial Generation is more open minded and accepting than any known to date. In fact, you might say they are the most loving generation. The way they relate to and communicate with other people is inspiring. Here are just five unique ways they do it.


They Don’t Let Differences Make or Break Friendships

Millennials seem to be less threatened by differing viewpoints and can more easily agree to disagree with their friends. Unless the difference violates their value system (i.e. Millennials may be intolerant of intolerance), they are open to friendships with different types of people and often take pride in having a diverse friend group.


They Stand Up for People Who are Different

Maybe it’s the power of the internet, but Millennials are not scared to stand up for what they believe and people who need defending. They actively call out bully-behavior, prize open-minded speech, and educate (even shame) each other about proper ways to communicate and interact. This means they’re having more of the tough conversations about diversity, respect and equality that most of us should be having.


They Tune into Others’ Feelings and Experiences

Millennials prioritize empathy and easily put themselves in others’ shoes. It’s not that they’re more skilled than other generations, but they seem to value feelings — their own and others’ — more. They also look to see how their action or inaction may contribute to the larger society and they get joy or fulfillment from trying to improve someone’s life or situation. At the end of the day, they enjoy building deeper more authentic connection, and they’re willing to talk about feelings to get there.


They “Can’t Even” with Your Financial Agenda until Social Politics are Addressed

Certainly financial politics have consequences on humans, but talking only money is not going to reach Millennials. It’s more effective to discuss the social ramifications of a law to get a Millennial fired up. Most Millennials have social blinders on — they tend to talk and form strong opinions about social issues more than fiscal ones — probably because the implications on others are so obvious and direct. If a politician wants to be elected because of a financial agenda, he or she will have to show how it’s good for MOST people.


They Don’t Want to See the Sights, They Want to Meet the People

Sure, Millennials want to climb mountains, swim in caves and raft down rivers abroad, but they also want to meet the locals. No, not just meet … they want to mingle. They want to walk away from a country or city understanding who the people are, how they live and why. When hard pressed, most would rather have dinner at someone’s house than a Michelin-star restaurant. That’s not to say Millennials never want to splurge on fancy experiences, but the heart of travel is more about widening their global perspective and understanding of other people. As they say, when in Rome, do as the Millennials do. Or something like that. 🙂


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