Intimacy Module 3

Video Lesson

Suggestions for the program:

Wednesday – Listen to the video lesson

Thursday – Read the articles

Friday – Listen to the video lesson again but this time taking notes with your questions

Saturday & Sunday – Work on the journal exercises

Monday – Email me your questions and notes from the journal exercises, email *note – this is a different email than in the video, also if I do not receive this by Monday you will not receive feedback for the current module 

Supporting Written Articles, Videos, and Podcasts

This article outlines how someone learned how positive things often come from rolling around in the negative emotions. Click here to read the article.

This Podcast talks about how being the right kind of selfish can improve your marriage, how Enemy Emotions often destroy intimacy but should really act as smoke alarms, and how avoiding negative emotions can be harmful. Click here to listen.

This video is about men and emotions. Click here to watch the video.

Journal Exercises

  1. Think of a time you buried your EE.
  2. What did you do or feel (if anything) instead?
  3. What do you imagine would have happened if you had felt your EE (use the “what then” q/a to get to your fear)?
  4. List as many examples as possible preferably 3 or more and send them to me by Monday. The earlier the better but no official time deadline.

If you have any questions at any time contact us at or call us at 757-340-8800.