Intimacy Module 4

Video Lesson

Suggestions for the program:

Wednesday – Listen to the video lesson

Thursday – Read the articles

Friday – Listen to the video lesson again but this time taking notes with your questions

Saturday & Sunday – Work on the journal exercises

Monday – Email me your questions and notes from the journal exercises, email *note – this is a different email than in the video, also if I do not receive this by Monday you will not receive feedback for the current module 

Supporting Written Articles and Videos

Advice Helpful or Hurtful: (This article outlines or helps you assess if your advice is helpful.  It asks questions about the advice you give and will help you come to the conclusion of helpful or hurtful.  It also gives a good example of “putting it all together.”) – Click here to download the article

Do You Keep Having the Same Arguments? Click here to watch this video.

Yes, Couples Counseling can be done without the Couple!! Click here to watch this video.

Journal Exercises

  1. Write down your last several arguments (the more you write the better you’ll get at this).
  2. What type are they?  
  3. Write a new/better approach to try next time.

If you have any questions at any time contact us at or call us at 757-340-8800.