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How to Spot and End a Toxic Relationship – Guide to Dating, Marriage, and Relationships. An instructional 20-page downloadable guide by Dr. Laura Dabney.

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Read the Red Flags Guide:
How to Spot and End a Toxic Relationship

A Dr. Laura Dabney Guide to Dating, Marriage, and Relationships

Is it a toxic relationship? If so, what do you do? How do you leave? We know it’s hard. You’ve been there for them. You’ve loved them. You’ve given all you can. And still, you’re left drained, hopeless, lonely … even abused. You deserve more. And you CAN have more. It’s time to let go of the hurt and take back your life with this Dr. Dabney guide on how to spot and end toxic relationships.

This 20-page instructional guide will help you:

  • Recognize Dr. Dabney’s Four Red Flags — the top behaviors or circumstances that lead to toxic relationships
  • Read and confirm red flags in your own relationship(s)
  • Identify Pink Flags — the serious, yet under control behaviors or circumstances that may lead to toxic relationships
  • Know when and how to move on from toxic relationships

Pages: 20
Format: Downloadable PDF
Compatible devices: Computer, if you want to view the PDF on an iPad, iPhone, Android, or similar you will most likely need to download an app so you can view it.