5 Everyday Hacks to Boost Mindfulness

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Mindfulness takes practice, but derailing your day’s schedule is unnecessary. Follow these five simple ways to boost mindfulness, doing what you were planning to do anyway.   Do a mindless, everyday activity with awareness.   Pick an activity that you would normally do on autopilot — driving to work, making a smoothie, dressing yourself — and instead of going through …

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The Top Mindfulness Myths: Debunked

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To benefit from this effective-if-used-properly tool, we need to first understand what mindfulness isn’t. I hear misconception after misconception from my patients that it’s become clear: most people misunderstand mindfulness.   Mindfulness is largely misunderstood because the media, lifestyle magazines, spiritual gurus and mental health experts rarely explain what it is and how to do it. They throw out the …

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Mindfulness 101: Making Sense of the New Lifestyle “It” Word

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Mindfulness is the latest lifestyle “it” word. Everyone is talking about it but few people really know what it is. I hear misconceptions from clients and patients all the time. Unfortunately, if you don’t know what mindfulness is or how to use it, you won’t be able to unlock the many proven benefits. Here’s a helpful take on mindfulness and …