The End of Overeating: Three Changes You Can Make to Help With Overeating

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‘Tis the season to talk about overindulging, especially food.

A question I get often is, How can I curb my eating and make it the end of overeating? In this series, we’ve been focusing on, where the feeling may come from, and where the overindulging comes from. Overindulging comes from something unconscious; there is something under the surface that is driving you to overindulge.

Anytime you’re doing something that you don’t want to be doing; you have to take a look at what’s underneath because that’s what’s driving it. It’s hard to look at that because, for some reason, people think it’s painful, and that they may not be able to deal with it.

Top three changes people can make to end overeating

Breaking a bad habit

For starters, take an in-depth hard look at the habit. When you go into a habit, it’s almost unconscious; you’re in sort of a daze. You’re just doing something.

We want you to slow it down and look at the habit. Before you eat anything, take a look at what you’re feeling at that moment. That’ll help you figure out what feeling is behind the drive to eat. Write it down, talk about it, do something about it, and see what happens to your appetite.

Before you eat, do something else.

Do something less toxic to you. Food is not only a way to soothe yourself, but it has a negative self punitive piece, such as gaining weight or being overweight, which has health consequences.

Try something else that is soothing, such as:

a hobby,

setting a boundary where you are indulging in reading a book, or taking a bath or taking a nap before you reach for the food.

Afterward, check again if there is some correlation, does doing other soothing activities help you to stop overeating? If so, you may have found your solution.

Change how you start your day

Most of us get up and start doing what we have to do for everyone else. Instead, try to start your day where you are doing for yourself first. Even if it’s just a few things and you put everyone else on the later in the day back burner.

Focus on you, and then somebody else.

Bonus Tip: Keep a food diary

Keep a food diary before you start changing, and while you’re making changes. Food diaries are great to a certain degree to help you see what kind of bad habits you’re indulging in and where you can change those habits. If you can add to the food diary, the changes in how you do things, then you may be able to catch a way to separate the eating from the feeling.

The goal is to eat when we’re hungry, not to cover up any feelings.

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