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Turn your relationship from miserable to enviable with Dr. Dabney’s Unlimited Email Coaching!

Everyone deserves to be in a happy, loving partnership – and that’s definitely not your current situation.

Unresolved issues and tensions have manifested into a messy homelife and, quite frankly, you’re done walking on eggshells. The situation has become dire with too much drama, feelings of shame, and constantly being stuck in negative patterns – you’re tired of begging for peace in a hostile environment where everything is triggering or controversial.

You deeply crave a fresh start, but doing it on your own hasn’t worked – and while traditional one-on-one therapy is tempting, it’s time-consuming and constraining… not to mention costly.

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Is This You?

It’s difficult for me to share and discuss certain subjects with my spouse such as expressing concerns regarding financial issues, or intimacy because of my fear of creating confrontational responses.

Neither one of us know how to initiate intimacy so we live our lives at arms length. It leaves me with such a hollow, lonely feeling.

I’m having a hard time dealing with my spouse’s very emotional reactions to almost everything – my condition isn’t taken seriously.

Being patient is tiring – relentless questions and trying to “do the right thing” for my spouse is becoming too much for me.

I’d like my significant other to maintain their own path instead of wanting to get married and take away my personal time.

If so, there’s a better way to turn your miserable relationship around on your own and create the partnership of your dreams.

(and with no need for your significant other to join in)

Resolve your almost shattered relationship with Dr. Dabney’s Unlimited Email Coaching!

As a cost effective and convenient alternative to one-on-one treatment, Dr. Dabney has taken the most successful couples strategies from her 20 years of practice and put them into a flexible, self-paced offering where the answers are literally at your fingertips!


  • Click the button below to fill out a short form and Dr. Dabney will send her first email to you within 24 hours to get you started.
  • Then, send Dr. Dabney unlimited emails at any time, concerning any problem or question, as much or as little as you need.
  • Will receive answers <24 hours, 24/7 – wherever you are!
  • Email coaching is billed on a monthly recurring basis and can be canceled at any time.
Start Your Free Trial Today!Get 3 full days FREE, no credit card required.

If you ever wanted to work with Dr. Dabney but live too far away or never had enough time, now is your chance to receive the help you need online!

[Email coaching] was such a new idea, maybe too new. I kept thinking, could email [coaching] take the place of face-to-face therapy? But then I realized I was terrified. It was just an excuse to back away. I wanted to quit life and hide under the covers. But that wasn’t working either. Nothing I did was working. I can’t explain it ... [after email coaching] it’s just not the same life.

–Maggie C., Recent Email Coaching Client

What You’ll Receive

From past patients, clients, and subscribers like you, Dr. Dabney has learned to effectively teach individuals how they themselves have the power to fix a failing relationship.

Waiting weeks between sessions? Stop. Unlimited email means you won’t have to worry about sending your 100th email this month. You won’t have to wonder if your question is too big or small. Get as much support as you need, without judgment.

Sometimes it’s hard to describe feelings and situations in person or over the phone. Writing things down gives you the space and privacy to express yourself and deeply process your feelings. Think of it as journaling, except with email coaching you’ll receive tangible advice from a qualified professional.

Stretched thin and spiraling out of control? Being too busy can cause chronic stress, feelings of helplessness, and irritability. Coaching should not add to your schedule and issues, so Dr. Dabney has made sure this offering is flexible and easily integrates into your life – when you need it.

Problems can pop up anywhere, anytime. Resolve them confidently and efficiently with Unlimited Email Coaching as your lifeline.

If you are interested but still have questions, please reach out and we’ll get back to you, same day with answers.

Start Your Free Trial Today!Get 3 full days FREE, no credit card required.

NO CONTRACTS OR HASSLES: After your free trial, should you want to continue, we offer a month-to-month recurring subscription. You can stop anytime, for any reason.
Have Questions? Reach Out! 757-340-8800

Here’s what past patients have gained from working with Dr. Dabney

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As an alternative to traditional therapy, Laura and her team of certified coaches help people from around the world achieve their goals.

Laura has been in practice in Virginia Beach and Richmond for almost twenty years. Her psychiatric expertise has been featured on radio and in print media, and she consults for a number of large institutions, including the Virginia Veterans Administration Medical Center. She received her MD from Eastern Virginia Medical School and has been Board Certified in Psychiatry.

Quality Coaching. Expert Leader.


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