Learn the Top 4 Red Flags in a Relationship and How to Quickly Spot Them.


Dabney Coaching—the path to love, success, and happiness.

Incredible Relationships

Why settle for good relationships when they can be great? Surpass your expectations with the help of a Dabney life coach and relationship coaching. You’ll learn to maximize your potential for intimacy, connection and understanding with all the people in your life, and create deeply fulfilling relationships that last.

Career Success

You’re smart and ambitious you’re ready to take your career to the next level. With a Dabney life coach, you’ll acquire the skills, focus, and motivation you need to create the kind of habits and thought-patterns that lead to realizing your life’s greatest potential.

Genuine Happiness

When you’re genuinely happy, everything seems to fall into place. With happiness comes increased energy, gratitude, and creativity— which generates even more happiness. With the help of a Dabney Life Coach through life coaching and relationship coaching, you’ll learn to tap into this cycle of positivity, and you’ll experience an even richer, more deeply fulfilling life.


The origin of Dabney Coaching

Quality coaching. Expert leader.

With a desire to help more people achieve success— in both their work and personal lives— Laura Dabney MD created Dabney Coaching. As an alternative to traditional therapy, Laura and her team of certified coaches help people from around the world achieve their goals. Laura has been in practice in Virginia Beach for almost twenty years. Her psychiatric expertise has been featured on radio and in print media, and she consults for a number of large institutions, including the Virginia Veterans Administration Medical Center. She received her MD from Eastern Virginia Medical School and has been Board Certified in Psychiatry.


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“[The Dabney Coaching Team] listens and processes not only what I’m saying but also how I’m saying it then helps me understand my perceptions and asks meaningful follow up questions. [Their] analysis helps me understand the “why” behind my actions and allows me to better apply that understanding to my behavior.”Sarah D.